Nicole Marino

My life is a make up collection of amazing moments, exceptional happenings, life testing situations, and a multitude of reasons to be inspired and to inspire others.

Throughout my career in marketing I lead a life where I knew photography drove my entire interest and intriqued me with a zest for life. I continued to drive my focus of photography with each marketing job I accepted and I pitched my photography as an intricate part the jobs I would take whether it was initially intended to be part of the position or not!

I had a vision and end goal and I always lived based on the feeling of being inspired. If it didn't feel right I wasn't doing it. Today I allow that mentality to guide me both in my personal life and my career. Photography is very much about feeling the moment for me and letting it guide my inspirations. I do this with every shoot and every client interaction!

I learned the importance of living my dreams and made it happen. I chose to leave the corporate world I knew in Boston, Massachusetts to live my dreams here in Napa Valley, California doing all that I loved amongst the beautiful nature settings in Winecountry. 

Today I drive home the focus that living our passions and doing what fulfills us is really what it's all about. It's lead me to develop my brand BIGshot which mission I stand by and that is, that we are all born a "BIGshot" with many amazing things in us to do and to accomplish despite what hardships, trials, and struggles we go through to get there.

At the early age of 7 I was lining up my dolls posing them and doing photoshoots! Little did I know my world of photography would be so prominent in my life and what would one day be my career.

As a documenarian thru and thru... I love the person that I am capturing and all that their story entailes and I find it to be the most rewarding part of my role as a photographer.

My degree in Business Communications, passions and courses in wine, self taught photography skills, and writing for several publications has summed up who I am and the life I live today. It's really all about inspiration! My company is literally about visually communicating your story across multiple platforms.

As a documentarian through and through, I shoot about 12-15 weddings per year, dozens of proposals and winery events, iconic portraits, inspiring nature scenes. I took it one step further and begin interviewing those with a story to share where I am the host of my own television show capturing interviews of iconic members of the community and celebrities at local events and I look forward to capture your moment what ever it is to allow you to shine!